New site, new name

The start of our blog and the reason behind our farm name - One Cedar Farm.

New site, new name

We are currently in winter, planning for our second growing season at our little farm here in New Brunswick.

While stuck indoors due to having a cold and -20°C weather, I decided to finally sort out our blog situation.

In the UK, we had a friend of ours host a blog for our family projects, that we only had 3 posts on. I always meant to host the blog myself, since I had hosted my own software development projects blog in the UK.

Finally, with some down time I decided to move both of the blogs over to be hosted in Canada and change the domain names since they both had "" domains.

While looking for a domain and a farm name, we struggled a bit to find something that wasn't taken. We were looking at something to do with our surname, like Lawrence Family Farm or similar, but there seemed to be a few farms with that name.

Just as a joke, I suggested One Cedar Farm.

The name came from a story about us looking for cedars to make fence posts.

When we were still looking for a farm to buy, I was helping friends of ours in Harvey, NB with some fencing and they had cut a lot of cedars down on their property and had used the poles for fence posts. You want to use cedar if you are not treating the posts as cedar is naturally rot resistant. I was really impressed that they didn't have to pay for their posts and could just harvest them on their own land. It seemed like the ideal homestead solution and I was excited to do the same on my farm when I finally had a farm of my own.

When we finally bought our own farm and I looked up and down the whole farm, searching for cedars. We have lots of maple, tamarack, pine, fir, birch, spruce, etc. But only a single cedar that is in our front yard.

It was way to big to cut for fence posts and it would be a shame to cut it down. It is probably not that funny to other people, but I just had to chuckle about the situation.

So that is the story that was in the back of my head when I suggested calling our farm: One Cedar Farm.

Candice was not totally against the idea and I checked and there were no other farms called that. Lone Cedar Farm was taken, but that was it.

So, with nothing better coming to mind, we pulled the trigger and bought the domain.

So, we don't have a romantic or idealistic reason behind our farm name. Like most of our decisions, we came to it rather pragmatically.

It is a weird name and kind of an inside joke, but it works and it is growing on us.

So, that's us.

The Lawrence family, starting a blog about us starting our little farm.

A little farm called One Cedar Farm.